Trent Z(ander) Andrewson, which is not my real name.

I was born in the late 90s, experienced gender dysphoria from a young age that ramped up at puberty, came out as gynephilic (‘lesbian’ at the time) at 10, came out as trans (by way of my mother directly asking me) at 13, transitioned (inasmuch as a specific age can be placed to my transition) at 15.

I’m a Blanchardian and think there are four types of trans people, two for each gender. I probably turned off more people by proposing there are only two genders than by proposing some of the people who cross them are sexually motivated.

If you assumed some of my views, most notably those involving feminism and the ages at which people should transition, based off of my Blanchardianism: You’re going to be really disappointed/confused/both.

A few facts about me:

  • I was born and raised outside the US, in a social context once described as ‘upper-lower-class’.
  • I’m on the autism spectrum and was diagnosed in early childhood.
  • Yes, the existence of this blog is related to the previous point.
  • My politics are generally around the Bernie Sanders point of the political spectrum, but this blog is mostly about all the ways they aren’t.
  • Before I realized all my friends were autoandrophiles I thought they were transtrenders, so this is much better.